The Group for Artificial Intelligence Applications is a group of professors and graduate students interested in basic and applied AI research, working in the Dpt. of Software Engineering and Artificial Intelligence at Complutense University of Madrid.

Regarding basic research our aim is to advance the state of the art in AI research related to Case-Based Reasoning (CBR), Knowledge Acquisition and Machine Learning. Our main focus is on cost-effective solutions to inject knowledge into CBR systems, empowering CBR knowledge-light approaches with off-the-shelf knowledge components and knowledge mined from readily available data.

Regarding applications, we are investigating the new ways of Computer-Based Teaching (CBT) that videogame technology is opening. Although using games to teach is as old as CBT, the fast evolution of graphics technology, along with a new form of literacy built around a growing game culture have open new opportunities for game-based learning. From all possible domains, and due to our previous experience, we are applying these ideas to teach technologies and abilities related to programming and software engineering, such as object-oriented programming and design.

We are also interested in researching new techniques for the growing field of Recommender systems, taking into consideration the personality and mood of user, as well as information from his social network. We are pioneers on applying recommender techniques to CBT.

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