COLIBRI Studio is here!

We have published the beta version of COLIBRI Studio. It includes a new release of jCOLIBRI: version 2.3.

Here you have a list of its features:
  • Develop your CBR systems without programming through its graphical tools.
  • Template based design: A catalog of already implemented CBR systems lets users select the most suitable system and adapt it to the concrete requirements of the target application.
  • Several wizards to create new CBR projects.
  • Automatic generation of the source code of your application.
  • Graphical design of the case structure
  • Graphical tool to configure the similarity measures.
  • Graphical configuration of the persistence of your cases.
  • All the development features provided by the Eclipse IDE: project configuration, team synchronization, compilation, execution, debuging, …
  • And… all the functionality of the jCOLIBRI framework.

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