My research interests are in Case-based Reasoning(CBR). I am mainly interested in the process of building CBR systems, including Knowledge-Intensive, Textual and Recommendation features. The most important result of my research is the COLIBRI platform, that includes a white-box framework –jCOLIBRI– for developing CBR systems, and a high level design tool called COLIBRI Studio. This last tool exemplifies my work in automatic composition of software systems by using a semantic representation of the components through ontologies. It integrates features from the Semantic Web, Semantic Web Services fields into a development process based on the CBR idea of reusing previous experiences (software designs) for solving new problems (creating a new CBR application).

I am also interested in Textual CBR. I have several collaborations in this area with Nirmalie Wiratunga. Related to this research I’m very interested in Web-CBR, trying to exploit user-generated web content to obtain the knowledge required by CBR applications. It connects with other works on Knowledge-Intensive CBR with ontologies developed within the GAIA group with Belén Díaz and Pedro González, who supervised my PhD.
Recommender systems is a further area of interest that I started after a research visit with Derek Bridge. It has resulted in an successful research line in recommendations for groups including social factors like personality and trust.
This research is being carried out by the PhD. Student Lara Quijano whom I’m supervising. We have created the HappyMovie system for online movies recommendations in Facebook. My future interests in this domain are ubiquitous recommendations using mobile devices.
Regarding industry, my tools are being used in a wide range of projects, and I’m very interested in joint projects with companies to apply the results of my research.

If you are interested in any of these areas do not hesitate to contact me for collaborations or the supervision of a Master Thesis or PhD.

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