Augmented reality technology to different domains, like museums, virtual guidance and recommender system interfaces.
An open source framework in Java for building CBR systems, that also features semi-automatic configuration tools that allow to create a CBR system without writing a line of code. This is also related to basic research on Knowledge-based Software Engineering and the application of AI techniques for facilitating non-programmers to build programs.

Live Recommender is a group of applications to investigate different types of recommendations about tourist activities. With Live Recommender we try to help the tourists when they are going to visit a city and they don’t know what activities they would like.

Acepta el reto is an online judge system for programming problems. The more than 200 archived problems are categorized and have hidden testcases that allow the system to check the solutions sent by the users using C, C++ or Java.

Movie Recommender System for groups of people. Includes personality modelling, social factors, trust. Happy Movie is integrated with the social network FaceBook.

Behavior Bricks is a visual tool to create behaviors in video-game that combine the two techniques must used in the industry: the finite state machine and behavior trees.
This tool aims speed up the development of these behaviors, allowing at the video-game designers (that they not have technical expertise) can create and modify these behaviors.

A well-known soccer robot simulation (Soccerbots) with a new interface that includes different features for pedagogical and research purposes. Implement your robots, play and watch their behaviours with heatmaps, train them, analyze their game metrics. Finally, make them compete in a Robocup tournament.

By interacting with a metaphorical 3D representation of the Java Virtual Machine, students, who are supposed to know imperative programming, will be able to improve their knowledge of object-oriented programming and the compilation of object-oriented languages.

A recommendation approach for repositories of Learning Objects that adapts to the student pro.file. LORecommender follows a cascade hybrid strategy that refi.nes the decisions of a case-based recommender by using a collaborative one.

Rosette is a visual authoring tool that helps experts in the task of designing a game domain. This tool contains some novice techniques that alleviate the main drawbacks of the architecture used in modern video games for creating the logic part of the different game objects

The evolution of a Virtual Environment Based on Active Learning to teach Object-Oriented Design Concepts.

OntoBridge is a java library that eases the management of ontologies.

eCo is a visual editing tool used to create intelligent behaviours for entities in games. It is capable of managing large repositories of behaviours, including different techniques to perform searches in the repositories.

TeXiS is a set of LaTeX files that acts as a template for creating documents that researchers have to write. It is useful to create PhD and Master Thesis, assignments and so on. Most of the PhD and Master Thesis created by GAIA over the last few years used TeXiS.


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