RACMA is an augmented reality app developed for Museo de América in Madrid that brings a map of America to life, populating it with several characters who represent the main cultures of America exhibited at the Museum. The application has been developed by David Hernando and Marta Caro, supervised by Guillermo Jiménez Díaz. RACMA is available at Google Play.


RACMA at the Museum

Museo de América in Madrid exhibits a big collection of American archaeology and ethnology pieces. Inside the museum there is a big blank map of America that the visitors usually ignore. RACMA brings this map to life, populating it with several characters representing different American cultures. RACMA users can touch this characters, accessing to information about the corresponding culture and the pieces that the museum exhibits around this culture.

RACMA at home

RACMA brings the opportunity to experience the Augmented Reality not only at the Museum but also at home. Using the map that you can download here RACMA users can access the same information at home, in order to plan a visit to the museum or to recall a previous experience at the Museum.


RACMA in action

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