You are invited to contribute to the jCOLIBRI 2 framework by sending us your components or methods. Contributions will be distributed independently and will keep their own authorship and license.

To contribute with the jCOLIBRI CBR framework read the following guide:

jCOLIBRI2 Contributions Guide


UKIERI-CBRutils is a set of CBR methods designed to work in conjunction with the jCOLIBRI framework.

It contains methods to help in indexing, retrieval, maintenance, and evaluation of CBR systems.

Developed by: The Robert Gordon University & Indian Institute of Technology Madras

Download UKIERI-CBRutils API-Doc Readme Contact License

myCBR Similarity Functions for jCOLIBRI

This contribution provides wrapper methods to use similarity measures generated with myCBR.

These functions use the XML configuration files exported by myCBR.

Developed by: GAIA – jCOLIBRI developers & German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence DFKI GmbH

Download myCBR-SimilarityFunctions API-Doc Readme Contact License


This contribution integrates a set of methods for the management of clustered case memory:

  1. A methodology for selecting the most suitable strategy for retrieving cases according to the number of clusters, the number of cases and the expected performance based on the data complexity;
  2. a voting scheme based on the degree of belonging to a cluster to improve the reliability of the proposal of new solutions, and;
  3. an incremental and semi-supervised way of introducing new knowledge in the case memory.

Developed by: Research Group in Intelligent Systems – GRSI. LaSalle, Ramon Llull University.

Download Thunder API-Doc Readme Contact License

ARFF Connector

This contribution provides a generic connector for (weka) ARFF files.

This connector is able to generate the components of the case dynamically. The main advantage of this approach is that developers can test their applications with different ARFF files without modifying the case representation.

Developed by: GAIA – jCOLIBRI developers.

Download ARFFConnector API-Doc Readme Contact License

ALADIN – Abstract LAyer for DIstributed CBR INfrastructures

This contribution provides a reference framework for developing distributed CBR applications with jCOLIBRI.
ALADIN contains the main interfaces required to build (almost) any distributed CBR system.
It provides an abstraction layer that must be extended depending on the features of the system: communication with sockets, JADE, etc.

This package contains the interfaces that must be followed in future implementations of distributed systems in jCOLIBRI.
These interfaces try to complain the IEEE FIPA standard for distributed systems. This way, we guarantee a common root that will ease the integration of different techniques.

For detailed information read the following guide:

Developed by: GAIA – jCOLIBRI developers.

Download ALADIN API-Doc Readme Contact License

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