jCOLIBRI2 is documented through a comprehensive tutorial, its API documentation and several UML diagrams.


jCOLIBRI2_Tutorial This tutorial describes the different components of the framework and guides
the reader in the development of the Travel Recommender example application.

API Documentation

jCOLIBRI 2 is documented througth its javadoc and several tests/examples. This figure represents the most
important components of the framework. Click on each component to access its documentation:

Precycle methods Postcycle methods Data Base connector Plain Text Connector Ontology Connector Connector Interface Case Base Interface Core classes Retrieve methods Retain methods Reuse methdos Revise methods Maintenance methods CBR Applications Evaluation classes Lucene IR Engine Extension Carrot2 Clustering Framework Extension WordNetBridge Stemmer Extension Visualization Extension OntoBridge Test/Examples Information Extraction GATE textual methods OpenNLP textual methods Recommenders Extension

UML Diagrams

There are also UML class and sequence diagrams of the framework:

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