What are your impressions of jCOLIBRI? Was it useful for you development?
yes, it was easy to create CBR prototypes and testbeds for similarity measures.
- general set-up was easy - some workarounds had to be implemented to make it work with entity pojos and javax.persistence annotations instead of hibernate mapping xml file - similarity calculations work out of the box only with simple entity properties, similarity for entity properties that refer to other entities or collections of other entities had to be implemented by us. would be good to have a generic way of handling these similarity calculations as with the "simple" types
It was very useful. The learning curve is pretty gentle as well.
jCOLIBRI is a useful framework however it is complicated to customize.
We implemented the retrieval optimization technique based on pivoting and triangular dissimilarity and intergated it in jColibri version 1. The structure of the framework helped us in structuring our code and simplifying the development process. We are planning to introduce other retrieval strategies and indexing techniques in the current version of the framework.
I really liked it for my master degree project, and now I would like to have an easier way to use it in my work. I'm the CEO of a digital marketing local enterprise and I'm sure it could be possible and a great way to mix research with the industry. Thanks a lot!
It is a useful framework in order to build a prototype. However, once tested, we had to program a custom version of the CBR system in another language (Matlab) to improve its speed.
can be made from friendly..using less technical words to aid comprehension of the tool in one go..emphasize more on textual cbr
It is useful, and needs to be able to distribute for Web Applications.
jCOLIBRI is so useful for my research work, I can do different type of CBR-based systems (such as the recommenders)
jc is good stuff for cbr beginner and it can be used as learning tool and evaluation cbr method's
II want to experiment with both the technique, and your technology, with the goal of applying CBR as a component in a web-based commercial application, the purpose of which is to make product/service recommendations for purchase decisions based on "best" selection satisfying customer needs from a quantum of alternative suppliers. (Consequently the answers to most questions are erroneous. Apologies.) davidfgeorge@hotmail.com
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to integrate jcolibri with weak tool. so I need your help, when install the jcolibri tool, only the tester window. place help me the normal setup file, where to gate. thank you...
This software is useful in developing in case based reasoning...
yes,it was nice
What are your impressions of jCOLIBRI? Was it useful for you development?

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