When a user enters an event, the application calculates the trust that the user has with all the other users that have joined the event up to now. Current research has pointed out that people tend to rely more on recommendations from people they trust (friends) than on recommendations based on anonymous ratings.

Trust calculation

The trust factor is a key factor when we are performing a group recommendation where users have to decide an item for the whole group. This kind of recommendations usually follow an argumentation process, where each user defends her preferences and rebuts other’s opinions. Here, when users must change their mind to reach a common decision, the trust between users is the major factor. Note that trust is also related to tie strength and previous works have reported that both are conceptually different but there is a correlation between them The calculation of the trust is the one that has the most benefits of embedding the application in a social network. With a standalone application, the task of obtaining the data required to compute the trust between users is very tedious. Now, we are able to calculate the trust between users extracting the specific information from each of their own profiles in the social network. Users in Facebook, can post on their profiles a huge amount of personal information that can be analysed to compute the trust with other users: distance in the social network, number of shared comments, likes and interests, personal information, pictures, games, duration of the friendship, etc. We analyse different trust factors comparing the information stored in their Facebook profiles. Next, these factors are combined using a weighted average.

How events look like

When the event is created it looks up for the current movie listing from the selected city and provides a list of 3 movies, that represent the best 3 movies that the recommender has found in the movie listing for the users that have joined the event up to now, as we can see in the image below. This list is automatically updated every time a user joins the event or retires from it. This process keeps going on until the last possible day to join or retire from the event, the deadline date.

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