Knowledge-based learning environments are considered to be a good solution to instruct students in those domains where “learning by doing” is the best methodology of teaching. Students are faced to more and more complex problems, tailored to their needs depending on their increasing knowledge.

JV²M is one of such environment, where students can learn the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) structure and Java language compilation. Users are supposed to know imperative programming, and they will be able to improve their knowledge of object oriented programming and the compilation process.

Over the years we have developed different versions of the system using mainly two different 3D metaphors. The first one, known as Javy 1, was a single player game where player interacted with the environment using ideas similar to those presented in graphics adventures such as Monkey Island. The first one, known as Javy 2, has become a multiplayer game played over the local network where students fight against each other in order to execute Java programs as fast as possible, shooting at them and at other characters.

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