Javy 2 is the second version of our teaching system for Java language compilation. It is a multiplayer game where students must compile Java code into JVM bytecodes faster than their competitors, fighting by resources and CPU time.
Javy 2 entry point

The virtual world symbolizes the internals of a complete Java Virtual Machine, where the student must compile and run the code. Classes, methods, constant pools, heap, call stacks and operand stacks all have a place in the environment.

Javy 2 operand stack

Exercises are real Java programs that are automatically integrated into the game level. Each player is in charge of a different Java thread. They must have an eye on code compilation, and, at the same time, they must look for resources in order to execute their instructions, avoiding other players’ threats.

Student choosing the easiest thread

Execution can be launched even before all code has been translated, so the student can see the effect of her own code in the environment and change her mind. When a complete method has been compiled, the system provides hints (in a similar way to Mastermind game), indicating which JVM instructions are valid and which are not.

Partial method execution (see the blank instructions)
You can get an idea of the complete system in the screenshot section.


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