If you want to test Javy 2, you can download our public beta version.

You have two options:

  • (Recommended) Download the ZIP version that you just need to decompress and execute. If you do not have the prerequisites that the application requires, it will not work. Instructions are given below regarding these prerequisites.
  • Download the installer that tries to install all the prerequisites prior the installation of the application. Unfortunately, we have been reported that some prerequisites are not correctly installed, so depending on your configuration you still may need to manually fine-tune the installation. Its execution requires admin privileges.


Zip file
June, 20th, 2012


When executing Javy 2 you may experience some errors on startup if you do not have its prerequisites. We enumerate different known errors and their solutions:

  1. MSVCP100.dll not found: you need to install the Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 redistributable files. Get a copy here.
  2. PhysXLoader.dll not found: you need to install the nVidia PhysX System Software. Follow this link and select the “NVIDIA PhysX System Software” option.
  3. d3dx_43.dll not found: you need to install a newest version of DirectX. You can do it here.

JVM byte code

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