Many people have contributed directly or indirectly in JV^2M (Javy 1 or Javy 2), but three people have been there from the very beggining (alph. order):

  • Marco Antonio Gómez-Martín: the main developer of the “game engine” used by Javy 1 (that used Nebula 1) and Javy 2 (using Nebula 2).
  • Pedro Pablo Gómez-Martín: the main developer of the system knowledge and our Java Virtual Machine build from scratch.
  • Pedro A. González-Calero: the one that is always there thinking about new ideas to be added to the system, game methapor, research opportunities and much more.

But first CVS and now the SVN of JV^2M has also many commits of many other people. People that was once considered “core developer” of the system:

  • David Llansó: it helped with the migration from a typical entity-hierarchy architecture to a modern component-based architecture. It was the one that introduces network communication.
  • Jaime Cornejo: perception, network, and much more.
  • Fernando Matarrubia: he ended up as a system-wide developer that was able to fix bugs in any part of the system…
  • David Rodriguez: the GUI guy amont other things.

And other people that has put effort on the project (sorry if we forgot someone!):

  • Germán Rosado
  • Pablo Palmier
  • Hector Hurbanos
  • Gonzalo Florez
  • Ricardo Barra
  • Sergio Lora
  • Luis Cardona
  • Javier Maria
  • Jose María Gutierrez
  • Antonio Ortega
  • Luis Andres

JV^2M development has been also possible thanks to different development tools. Things would have been different without Visual Studio (6.0 – 2010), Cruise Control and pivotal tracker

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