In Madrid there are more than 50 museums, almost 60 tourism monuments, more than 10.000 bars and restaurants and more than 50 cinemas. Actually, there are some web sites or applications where the user can search for this information, but it isn’t ordered by preferences. It’s possible that the user has to read a lot of descriptions or opinions to find something that he wants.

For these reasons, we developed Madrid Live Desktop. Madrid Live Desktop is a system that prepares a timetable with diferent activities in Madrid. The system uses the user preferences to make this plan, and so, the user doesn’t need to look for it.


Madrid Live Desktop has the follow objectives:

  • Suggest a plan that contains preferred activities by users.
  • Avoid repetitions in different plans for each user.
  • Obtain the user preferences without he should insert much information.
  • Develop different types of preferences test.


Next, we explain the Madrid Live Desktop system:

  1. Main page
    Here the user logins in the system or registers, if he has never registred in the system.
  2. Preferences Test:
    The user completes diferent test to obtain his preferences:

    • Elo test: We use this test to detect the users preferences about types of museum. It consits in shows 6 types o museum, and the user select what types of museum prefer. The system repeats it four times. The system calculates the user preferences with Elo Algorithm.
    • Order test: Test to detect his preferences about types of restaurants. The system shows all types of restaurant and the user should order it respect his preferences
  3. Search a plan:
    In this page, the user insert the restrictions about his plan, like schedule, location, etc. And the system look for different activities to do with this restrictions and he could prefer.
  4. Show the recommendation:
    Next, the system shows the activities that the user could do.
  5. Rate activities:
    When the user has done this activities, he can rate each activitie, and the system improves his preferences.

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