This is a mobile application of Madrid Live. In this version we added the contextual data of the recommendations and we integrated Madrid Live with a social network to get more detailed view about their social circle and their relations with other friends.
About the contextual data, we used all available services offered by the Android technology to detect location, date and time of the user at the moment of the recommendation.


Madrid Live Mobile has the follow objectives:

  • Implement a mobile platform to obtain the contextual data.
  • Use the geolocalization to detect the user position and his friends near his position.
  • Integrate a social network to obtain the social information of the user.
  • Obtain all possible contextual information.


  1. Login:
    When the system start, it show the login page. In this page the user must login with his Facebook user.capInicioSesion
  2. Home screen:
    When the user is logged, the system shows the home screen. In this screen, the system shows recommendations that the system has made for other users. The objective is that the user can do a fast plan.capPantallaPrincipalThe main menu is on top left of the screen. Here, the user can find all application’s options.capMenuPrincipalThe menu has these options:

    1. Home: The system goes to the home screen.
    2. Recommender: The system shows a form to look for a plan.
    3. Rate: The system shows activities that the user has done, like visit a museum, to rate them.
    4. Improve preferences: The system shows different tests to improve the user preferences.
    5. My data: Section with the user dates.
    6. My groups: The system shows the groups that the user has created.
    7. Start/Finish Geolocalization: Screen where the user can enable/disable the geolocalization.
    8. Close session: The system close the present session.
  3. Recommender Screen:
    This screen shows a form that the user must insert the plan options.capPantallaRecomendacion1 capPantallaRecomendacion2 capPantallaRecomendacion3This options are:

    • Friends: The system shows user’s friends that they are invited in the plan. By default, the system add friends that are near the user.
    • Save/Load Group: These buttons allow save the friends of the plan as a group or load other group.
    • Timetable: The user can define the timetable of the plan.
    • Activities: Here, the user can select what type of activities he want doing.
    • Place: The user can change the start position of the plan.
  4. Show the recommendation:This screen shows the plan that the system has recommended. Here, the user watch name, timetable, location and website of the activities recommended.capPantallaResultadoRecomendacion

    The user can accept or refuse this recommendation, and the system updates the user’s preferences.

  5. Rate activities:When the user has finished his plan, he can rate this activities to improve his preferences. The user rates each activity between 1-5 points.capPantallaValoracion
  6. Personal data:
    This screen shows the user’s data that the system has read in Facebook.capPantallaDatos
  7. Preference tests:
    Here, the system shows the preference tests of different activities. This test has been explain in Madrid Live Desktop.capPantallaTestsM capPantallaTestsP capPantallaTestsR
  8. Groups:This screen shows all groups that the user has saved in the recommender screen.capGestionGrupos1

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