OntoBridge is a java library that eases the management of ontologies. It is based on Jena 2.4 and is a subproject of jCOLIBRI


  • Works with both local and online ontologies
  • Supports Pellet (internally) and any other DIG complaint reasoner (over http).
  • Allows loading imported ontologies.
  • Includes methods to access and store concepts, instances and properties.
  • Simplifies the management of the ontology elements by means of identifiers.
  • Includes several examples that show common applications and graphical interfaces.
  • Saves ontologies into OWL RDF/XML files.


OntoBridge is mostly a Jena wrapper:


OntoBridge is simplified in one class. You can check its functionality browsing its API.


OntoBridge includes several examples of graphical interfaces:

Concept Hierarchy
Instance Structure
Concepts & Instances Hierarchy
Concepts & Inferred Instances Hierarchy


SourceForge.net Logo OntoBrdige download is accesible through SourceForge.net

OntoBridge is licensed as LGPL and has been developed by Juan A. Recio-García.

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