SBTournament has been developed for different pedagogical and research goals.

Pedagogical features

According to the formers, the pedagogical goals, SBTournament shows the following features:

  • Repeatable simulations: a match can be played different times displaying exactly the same robot behaviour. This is important when the students need to understand that the robots that they implement behave as they expect.
  • A Single match interface that eases the launch of single matches soccerbots matches.
  • A logging system: the matches can be stored in a XML file containing periodical information about the robots (position and heading) and the ball (position) and information about asynchronous events (kicks and goals). This log can be employed to sketch the robot behaviour using the Heatmap interface. Additional, this logs are used to learn and implement different data mining and AI techniques, like Case-based Reasoning (CBR).
  • A Training interface to use machine learning techniques for implementing robot behaviours. This interface coordinates the automatic execution of matches between two sets of robots. The log files of all played matches are processed to generate csv files with gameplay statistics about every match and every team.
  • A Tournament interface to generate and coordinate the execution of a tournament of team robots. Competition is one of the most powerful means which endorses student motivation and it is a change from the regular curriculum.

Reseach features

SBTournament is a tool that can help reasearchers with the following features:

  • Heatmap interface provides researchers with an easy tool to have a first sight of robot behaviours.
  • Training interface allows to create datasets of robot and team behaviours that can be employed in further experiments.
  • SBTournament includes time acceleration so the matches can be played up to 100 times faster. This feature allows to play a huge amount of matches in a small piece of time to create big datasets.
  • Competitions are an invaluable way to gauge the state of the art in a particular area of research, enabling researchers to focus on a common problem and run experiments with as far as practical, identical setups. The Tournament interface makes possible the creation of these competions easily

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