Single match interface

Using the Single match interface you can select:

  • The teams that will play the match (Name of the west/east robot class)
  • The match time (in seconds)
  • How often the logger will track the robots and the ball game metrics (Log time in milliseconds)
  • Match speed (Accel. rate)

SBTournament executes a new different match every time theuser clicks the Start Match button. Once a match is played, the user can repeat its execution using the Re-play Match button.

A single match can start automatically when SBTournament.jar file is launched using the following parameters:

java-jar SBTournament.jar
{[-w | --west] westTeamRobotClass}
{[-e | --east] eastTeamRobotClass}
{[-t | --time] time} Match time (in secs)
{[-l | --logtime] time} Log interval (in millisecs)
{[-r | --ratetime] {0.5, 1.0, 2.0, 3.0, 4.0} Rate to speed up time}
{[-s | --start]} Launches the single match automatically

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