Tournament interface

This interface eases the generation and execution of a tounament of team robots. The user creates a file with at least 8 teams (each line in the file containsthe team name and the class that controls the robots). For example, the tournament.dsc file (in the SB Tournament distribution) contains the following teams:

team1 teamsSoccerbots.BasicTeam
team2 teamsSoccerbots.BrianTeam
team3 teamsSoccerbots.SchemaDemo
team4 teamsSoccerbots.DTeam
team5 teamsSoccerbots.GoToBall
team6 teamsSoccerbots.SchemaDemo
team7 teamsSoccerbots.AIKHomoG
team8 teamsSoccerbots.AIKHomoG

Remember that the .class files should be contained in the robots directory.

Once the file is created, the user has to select it in this interface (Tournament Config file). Additionally it selects the time duration of each match and the execution speed. Finally ,clicking Start Tournament forces the tournament execution. After each match the user hasto click on Next match to continue the tournament. If Play Auto is checked, the matches during the Raking phase are played automatically. A tournament is played in two phases:

  • Round-Robin phase: The teams are divided into two groups (A and B). Every team in a group plays a match with all the teams in the same group. The winner wins 3 points. When the teams draw, each one wins 1 point. Only the first four teams from each group qualify for the next round. When two or more teams are equal on points on completion of the group matches, the rankings are determined applying the following criteria:
  1. Superior goal difference from all matches played;
  2. higher number of goals scored;
  3. higher number of won matches.
  • Knockout phase: This phase consists of quarter-finals, semi-finals and final. The 8 qualified teams of the Round-Robin phase contest the quarter-finals. The following match sequence applies:

1st Group A – 4th group B
2nd Group B – 3rd group A
2st Group A – 3rd group B
1st Group B – 4th group A

  • The teamsplay two matches (every team plays as west and east team). The team that scores the greater aggregate of goals in the two matches qualifies for the next round. Otherwise, the winner is chosen randomly (as the kicks from the penalty mark ).

The winner the final round winner wins the tournament.

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