Training interface

Using this interface a user can configure the automatic execution of matches between two sets of robots (two different .dsc files, which contain a list with the class that controls the robots). A team cannot play against itself. Every match is played twice, with a team on each field (east and west). User also configures the match duration, log period, the execution speed and how many time it is repeated (Times). The matches are repeated but simulated with a different behaviour.

Every match log file is stored in logfiles folder. These file are processed and SBTournament generates a set of CSV files with data about robots’ behaviour and team statistics. These files are generated in the training folder. There are two types of CSV files:

  • matchId_westTeam_eastTeam.csv: Each row contains statistics about a robot, like time spent on each field, average distance to the ball…
  • teamName.csv: Each row contains the aggregated statistics of the team robots during a match, like the average time that the robots that confrm the team spent on each field, the average distance to the closest opponent… Additionally, it contains another match information like the goals or the time that the ball spent on each field.

Read the Training info file for more information about the data contained in the XML and CSV files.

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