ViRPlay3D: The evolution of a Virtual Environment Based on Active Learning to teach Object-Oriented Design Concepts

Multiplayer ViRPlay3D2

The next step in the development of our RPVE is the inclusion and the evaluation of a multi-user running mode in ViRPlay3D2 in order to provide collaborative learning. We are nowadays working on the development of this multi-user running mode. Users will be immersed in the environment inside an object avatar and they collaboratively complete the execution of a selected scenario. Inside the environment, each user will be responsible for deciding the messages that her object should exchange with other objects when it becomes the active object. Some scenarios contain roles (objects) that are not interesting to be performed by a user. In this case, their behaviour will be scripted. This way, when these objects receive a message they will know how to automatically react, executing the corresponding simulation step. Additionally, the multi-user mode will include an instructor role, which can decide about the next execution step of any active object. This role will be employed when there are not enough users to complete the scenario roles that should be performed by human actors. Finally, this running mode will incorporate communication tools for discussing the message sequence and reaching agreements in controversial actions, such as modifying the design, or undoing or restarting the simulation. We will provide a chat-like interface where a user can broadcast messages to the other users. Here we show a video of the first prototypes of the multiplayer mode.

As it happened with the single-user RPVE, our work-in-progress of the RPVE multi-user version will be accompanied with the corresponding formative evaluations. The final version will be tested again in a complete summative evaluation that proves the impact of the collaborative learning and the proposed RPVE in the learning process of object-oriented design issues.

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