Belén Díaz Agudo

Belén Díaz Agudo

Profesora Titular de Universidad

Departamento de Ingeniería del Software e Inteligencia Artificial

Facultad de Informática


About Me

I am Professor of Computer Science at Complutense University of Madrid, Spain where I obtained my PhD in Computer Science in 2002. I develop my teaching and research in the Department of Software Engineering and Artificial Intelligence of the UCM, where I have participated and directed several research projects and I have published numerous papers. My research in the Group for Artificial Intelligence Applications, focuses on case-based reasoning (CBR), recommender systems and explanations for intelligent systems.

I'm a co-author of more than 80 papers published in journals and international conference proceedings and I've been involved in the organization of several scientific events.

My Projects

Behavior Bricks
Behavior Bricks

Behavior Trees editor for Unity Engine

Selected Publications

This is a list of selected publications. Follow this link to see the entire list.

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