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RecoLibry a set of intelligent tools to build recommender systems

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About RecoLibry

RecoLibry is a development methodology and set of tools that allow the user to easily design, develop and deploy recommender systems. It contains 3 tools. The first tool, RecoLibry-core, is an object-oriented framework in Java that offers a catalogue of componentsfor the implementation of recommender systems. The second tool, RecoLibry-studio, is a web application with a visual interface, where non-expertusers can design a system by specifying its expected behaviour in terms of itsinput and the expected outputs. Both tools use the RecOnto ontology to guide the development, connect the components and verify the system restrictions. Finally, the RecoServer tool deploys the generated system to a webserver. It creates a set of web services in order to use the recommender systemas a service.


RecoLibry-Core is a library to build recommender systems in JAVA. This library is included in a set of tools to facilitate the design, development and implementation of recommender systems. The main objective of these tools is to create a common vocabulary for all types of recommendation systems and facilitate their development. RecoLibry-Core implements the components used in recommendation systems from third party libraries such as Apache Mahout or jCOLIBRI.

To develop a recommender system using RecoLibry-Core, you can read the development guide or JavaDoc. If you want to see some examples of recommender systems implemented with this library, you can visit the repository RecoLibry-Examples.


Maven import
You can import RecoLibry-Core from Maven Central repository.

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